Saturday, February 10, 2018

The DOJ, FBI, and other "Lawfare" affiliated Deep State Swamp Creatures

So when the Director of the FBI, James Comey, was about to be fired, he passed his "personal notes" onto his good friend, Benjamin Wittes, to leak to the press. So who exactly is Benjamin Wittes and why does this matter? Turns out Benjamin Wittes is a Never-Trumper from the word "go" who runs a blog for lawyers employed in the DC area called the Lawfare Blog. The blog is affiliated with the prestigious Brookings Institution, a think tank for globalist Democrats and Republicans affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Most of the people who participate and read the blog are Defense and Intelligence lawyers and professionals employed by the Federal Government (like former FBI Director James Comey).

What does "lawfare" mean and how is this significant? Lawfare turns out to be a verb associated with warfare. It's not a war of armed forces, it's a war of legal forces used to impose a particular ideology upon someone else. In this particular case, its' the ideology of "globalism" and "global free trade," an ideology threatened by the presidency of Donald J. Trump. And the modus operandi for any dis-satisfied whistle blower who objects to an Executive decision or action is to leak it to the press, hence James Comey's turning to release his notes to the press by Benjamin Wittes.

Now Mr. Wittes has written many pieces at the Lawfare Blog denouncing the Trump Administration and calling for the Deep State professionals to "slow walk" whenever possible Trump policies, and "reject" them when they conflict with their globalist agenda by either resigning or preferably leaking the objectionable details to the progressive press and suing to stop implementation. Now even though there is nothing "illegal" in this, it would be considered a "termination offense" in any commercial industrial setting other than the Civil Service Deep State, where such actions are "protected" by civil service employment laws that shield whistleblowers. So they do this at little to no peril to their jobs or livelihood.

Now Ben Wittes and his friends (including James Comey and many of his peers and subordinates at DOJ and FBI) have an election party tradition where the loser of an election "toasts" the winner, and all the civil servants accept and make peace with their new bosses. That didn't happen in 2016 when Trump won. Instead, the "partyers" decided to skip this tradition and instead, work actively to undermine the incoming administration to the best of their abilities. Hence their "insurance policy" texted about by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's office was implemented.

Now, Wittes likes to call his "resistance" movement the "Coalition of All Democratic Forces." That's pretty ironic given that their collective aim is to impede and possibly overturn democratic election results that they don't ideologically like. So, No, they are NOT a Coalition of all Democratic Forces. They are a coalition of globalist free traders committed to corporate globalism. They are not MAGA "America Firsters". They serve Mammon first.

One has to wonder whether a guy like Wittes is really all that worried about the state of democracy, or whether he's just bitter that his wife won't be a State Department bigwig anymore (since Hillary lost and they can't ring the political pay-to-play ka-ching machine). Well, she can always pass her time listening to lectures on foreign policy with her lifetime Council on Foreign Relations membership!


The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

Your post makes the assumption that Wittes is pro globalism. What's the evidence? I am not familiar with Wittes, but there is nothing in your post that supports this assumption. Can you fill me in?

Joe Conservative said...

What's his job? Sr. Fellow of the Brookings Institution. What's Brookings? It's funded by grants from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. Brookings aided in the founding of the UN and development of the Marshall Plan, the post WWII GLOBAL economic order.

He wouldn't work for Trump (his ideals don't match) but he will and DOES work for Brookings. I think it''s safe to assume why. Globalism.

Joe Conservative said...

...but please, don't take my word for it.

Joe Conservative said...

...take his.


Joe Conservative said...

ps - Did I mention that his wife was a lifelong member of the Council on Foreign Relations?