Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea Party Makes Headway in Annapolis

from the Baltimore Sun
About a dozen Maryland Republican delegates met briefly this morning to discuss the logistics of forming a tea party caucus.

Led by Del. Mike Smigiel of the Eastern Shore, the group decided to meet again Monday to select officers and discuss policy.

Del. Michael McDermott, a newly elected member from the Eastern Shore, said tea partiers traditionally focus on fiscal issues, and that's what he'd like the Maryland caucus to do.

Smigiel, in his third term, agreed. He said the caucus would "stay away from hot-button issues" and concentrate on spending and the size of government.

Although it appeared everyone at the meeting was Republican, Smigiel said he'd like to see Democrats get involved.

It's unclear if that will happen. When Smigiel announced the tea party meeting at the end of the morning legislative session, Del. Keith Haynes, a Baltimore Democrat, stood to jokingly announce that the "coffee caucus" will not be meeting.

There are three official caucuses in the General Assembly: women legislators, black legislators and veterans. But there are dozens of less formal "caucuses," and the term has come to be used to describe any group of legislators with a common interest -- be it bicycling or the Ravens. Today, Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, a Montgomery County Democrat, announced a meeting of the "new Americans caucus."


Michael- said...

give up your propaganda you fascist, war-mongering, soul-plundering ass-tard. Don't you have a drones to send out to kill Iraqi children and spread the empire all over this desecrated planet?


Joe Conservative said...


Said the UN "one worlder" after fomenting an Egyptian civil war....

Z said...

I'm guessing you know MIchael and he's tongue-in-cheek!

But, truly...don't you know the Tea Partiers arev horrid as the pro-Mubarak murdering crowds? :-) You know, the more the left makes idiot statements like that, MAYBE the more Americans are seeing how ridiculous they are?

Joe Conservative said...

No, mikey is a "serious" Left-wing censorious schmuck that can't handle dissenting comments at his own blog and who occassionally comes here to see what he's missing at a blog that respects free speech. ;)