Friday, February 18, 2011

The Looming BIG Government Shutdown

On March 4, 2011, the current Continuing Resolution funding operations of the US Government will expire. Indications are that the President will not sign any funding extensions that attempt to scale back a continuation of the 111th Congress' union/ labor/ big government spending spree. This will free up unionized federal employees to assist (at the public's expense) striking/ picketting unionized State workers in the Midwest currently protesting Republican State Governor's attempts at rolling back pension and health care benefits to balance State budgets. In so doing, these same unionized government workers will thereby likely exempt themselves from the coming painful entitlement program rollbacks needed to prevent an economic catastrophe. In essence, the Democratic Party is telling the people of America that we only have one choice... it's either their "big government" way or the highway (the way of Wisconsin's Democratic State Senate members). This will be a winner-take all battle for the soul of America, one lover's of Constitutional order and individual liberty cannot afford to lose. "If anybody didn't know this was coming," Gov. Walker said of his bill being boycotted by Democrats in Wisconsin on Thursday, "they've been asleep for two years."

The main stream media will blame Republicans for destroying the promised, but increasingly distant economic recovery, but we'll all know better. Preparations for this pre-planned disaster included the filling Union coffers and has been underway since the President took his oath of office in January of 2009... all paid for courtesy of the oblivious American taxpayer.

Welcome to Hamelin, America. It's come time to either pay the piper, or run him out of town for good.

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