Friday, December 24, 2010

Harford County Tea Party Call to Arms!

from The Dagger

Letter from Tony Passaro:
Citizens of Harford County –

While I was distracted by the shenanigans in Washington D.C. this week by the Turn Coat RINOs selling us out in the SALT treaty, I almost missed the following action occurring right here in our own Harford County.

It is almost impossible to imagine it but the Harford County Board of Education (HCBOE) and Superintendent Tomback would even think about giving raises in next year’s budget request, let alone actually formally ask for them!

However, under the cover of darkness Superintendent TOMBACK has asked to give the all HCBOE employees (all 5,000) a pay raise that will come out of the pockets of the already over taxed Harford County Tax Payers…..all the while we are in a raging recession and suffering under an unemployment rate that hovers around 9%….

Let us rise up and put the BOE in its place. We need a groundswell of TEA PARTY folks to speak out on this arrogance and point out the insanity to the H.C.B.O.E. What cave has HCBOE they been living in for the past 3 years anyway???? We are fighting to keep people employed and services at a sustainable level and the BOE want to give a pay raises and increase their spending by 6.3%….All the while unemployment rages at 9% and our taxes are already as high as we can tolerate…….this increased spending can not be allowed to pass.

Spread the word.

The school board will hold work sessions and accept public comment on the budget on January 10 and January 15, before adopting a budget recommendation to County Executive David Craig on January 18, 2011.

We stopped the Town of Bel Air Pension increase, now we will need the help of the TEA PARTY to stop the rape of the Harford Tax Payer by the sacred, untouchable, arrogant, and unsupervised HCBOE…..

It is time to “Hit the Bricks”. Bring your thoughts and indignation to the next BOE meeting. We must swarm the meeting room, like we did in the town of Bel Air, and tell the BOE NO MORE SPENDING OF OUR DOLLARS……PERIOD.
Tony Passaro
Bel Air Tea Party Patriots
Alliance of American Patriots

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