Saturday, April 4, 2015

Environmental Demagogues Attack Hogan - Ho-Hum!

The "Progressive" hysteria is getting tiresome.
Some Excerpts from a Baltimore Sun article
The O'Malley administration proposed a rule in its final weeks that would have required a 48 percent reduction by 2020 in emissions of smog-forming nitrogen oxides at four coal-burning plants in the Baltimore and Washington areas.

Hogan blocked publication of it within hours of being sworn in, along with four other O'Malley regulations about to be finalized, saying he wanted to take a closer look at them. The other held-up rules have since been released or reproposed, including the controversial plan to curtail Eastern Shore farmers' use of chicken manure as fertilizer.


...NRG, which owns two Washington-area plants, opposed the regulation, warning the costs of installing required pollution controls could force the company to shut down its plants and lay off hundreds of workers. An NRG spokesman contends air quality can be improved with "other alternative, innovative and cost-effective control technologies or approaches."

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