Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trust Us! We're Smart! Quarantines are for Stupid People! Not Us!

Doctor Violates Quarantine. Reason, "I was REALLY hungry for some soup!"

What next with these ebola professionals, an irrepressible urge to go bowling?


Always On Watch said...

I don't see that enough Americans have opened their eyes to the reality.

Something quite similar happened in the early days of the Great Influenza Pandemic. The government said, "Don't worry about it." Within a few days, dead people -- or people in the throes of immediate death -- were falling off the streetcars and onto the streets of D.C. Corpses piled up along the roads. Undertakers were strained to the max, and decomposing bodies had to wait -- or were buried without ceremony in people's fields (back yards).

Now, the situation with Ebola isn't the same. I know that. However, once an epidemic gets going, it explodes.

Thersites said...

The AIDS pandemic killed 39 million (and is still raging), and was the third largest death toll in world history. National Geographic had a graphic in their magazine that clearly showed this, but when their article "listed" the top pandemics, it omitted all talk of HIV/AIDS.

The HIV/AIDS controversy has so politicized the CDC, that the infection of political correctness has rendered the agency a hazard to the American people. Ebola is proving that, daily.

The States are on their own. Let's hope Republican Governor's can save their States. Because we know that the Democrats won't.

Thersites said...

Here is the article.