Friday, October 15, 2010

No More Sanctuary in Baltimore County?

from The Dagger

From the office of Del. Pat McDonough:

One of the biggest lies told to the American people is the false claim that the federal government has total control over illegal immigration. Although the feds are mostly responsible for border security, state and local governments have enacted more than 700 laws designed to protect their citizens from the burdens created by illegals.

Politicians and candidates, like Martin O’Malley, like to mislead the people by telling them that illegal immigration is a federal issue. At the same time, more than 350,000 illegals have flooded into Maryland, costing taxpayers 2 billion dollars and creating problems in healthcare, education, public safety, jobs, and drugs.

O’Malley and the rest know the solutions are at the local level. The Governor and the General Assembly leaders have transformed Maryland into America’s premier “sanctuary state.” It is almost impossible to pass much needed common sense legislation against illegals at the state level although we must continue to make the effort.

Now it is time to take the battle to the local level. In Baltimore County, we have a key election that will place in office a new county executive and many freshman council members. This is the perfect time to initiate a powerful grassroots movement dedicated to guaranteeing that Baltimore County will lead the state in creating a “rule of law” environment discouraging illegals from coming here. Illegals may continue to flood into Maryland, but they will not enter Baltimore County. I call the program, ”Stop Illegals.” The symbol will be a stop sign. The plan consists of four elements.

1) E-VERIFY - Every county employee, applicant, contractor and sub-contractor must pass an E-Verify test procedure to confirm their lawful presence in the United States.

2) 287 G FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM shall be enacted by the County Executive. This existing successful program is utilized in more than 80 counties across the country. It provides federal funds, intelligence, and assistance with the arrests of dangerous criminal illegals, especially gang members. They are deported immediately out of the county into federal custody, saving local taxpayers money.

3) SAFE NEIGHBORS – Local police shall have the authority upon first visit to a nuisance house to fill out a police report which would generate mandated identification. Should identification fail to be produced and there is reasonable suspicion that a person may be an illegal alien, the immigration enforcement office will be contacted immediately. There are too many nuisance houses in Baltimore County neighborhoods with multiple families unlawfully residing in the units creating problems. This law will help correct the problem.

4) ENGLISH RECOGNITION - No county or Board of Education funds shall be used for any programs, policy, printing, or other action using a foreign language unless reviewed and approved by the County Executive and the entire County Council. The cost of an approved action must be fully disclosed to the public. E.S.O.L. and other federal programs are exempt. A questionnaire will be provided to all of the candidates for County Executive and County Council prior to the November 2 General Election seeking their position on the “Stop Illegals” Program. No response will be considered non-support. All results will be made available to the public. More importantly, I will work to organize a “Citizens’ Grassroots Movement” supporting the “Stop Illegals” Program designed to lobby the new County Executive and County Council for their support after the election.

For information, contact Delegate Pat McDonough by calling 410-238-0025 or send an e-mail to


Z said...

Joe, does this have a chance?

Joe Conservative said...

Not statewide, we're a "blue" state. But if Ehrlich (R) became governor again, nothing would prevent A locality OR twenty (like Baltimore County-not-City) from implementing it. Only the "feds" would likely intervene (like in AZ) and this would tie up the entire Obama Justice Department.... they'd have to file suit against thousands of small local city/county municipalities.

Joe Conservative said...

Let me just say this... it couldn't hurt. Illegals would have to know where they were "legally" safe... and where they weren't... and "cluster" in the sanctuaries (provided they could reach them).