Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Now or Never Time!

From Tony Passaro, publisher of “Tea Party Views” and "The Dagger":

Under the light of a full moon, approximately 500 of the Tea Party faithful came together on a balmy Fall evening to listen to election eve speeches at a local grass roots “Now or Never“ rally.

The rally (organized by Americans For Prosperity) was held in Shamrock Park, not far from the Bel Air public library where early voting polls were already open to voters…..

The speakers included Kendal Ehrlich, Ellen Sauerbury, Jim Rutledge (currently positioned as a write in candidate for State Attorney General), David Schwartz, Chief Organizer of Maryland’s Americans For Prosperity, Dave Pridgeon Chief Organizer for Maryland’s Campaign for Liberty and Tony Passaro publisher of the widely read newsletter, “Tea Party Views” as well as several local businessmen….

Kendal Ehrlich gave a spirited speech and asked the audience, in spite of the polls, to not to give up hope and get the vote out for Bob Ehrlich.

Dave Schwartz advised the audience of the importance of this election and the fact that it would have a long term effect on State and National politics…

Other topics included the rising cost of health insurance to due to Obama Care and the Gerrymandering that would result if Maryland retuned a Liberal O’Malley to the State House (Dave Pridgeon).

Passaro reminded the audience that the current state of affairs was due to voter indifference in the past and that if the Tea Party wanted to take the country back from the Socialists they would need to not only get the vote out but to assist in the election of their local candidates.

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