Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving the Tea Party BEYOND November

Don't let your vote in 2010 be wasted on the same good-ole-boy DC-RINO Tea Party!
In a recent article for Forbes magazine, Rick Unger offered the following insightful observation:
It’s the dirty little secret that should haunt every conservative candidate with the presence of mind to see a few years into the future.

The GOP victory likely to be experienced on November 2nd will not only represent the ultimate success of the Tea Party movement, it will also mark the beginning of the end for the well organized anger fest destined to propel a new crop of small government populists into office.
He goes on to state that since the vast majority of the federal budget is dedicated to entitlement spending, there's nothing that can be done about it, funds previously committed MUST be spent. But is he right?

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Well, if the Tea Party movement decides to rest on its' laurels AFTER the November election, he will be right. THAT is why the Tea Party must do something never before witnessed in the annals of American politics. Many of it's RNC party-affiliated activists should strategically resign their "party" membership in Republican held districts from the RNC and re-affiliate along with non-affiliated Tea Party activists as Democrats. And so by 2012, the Tea Party must thoroughly reform and restructure BOTH the Republican AND Democratic Parties in conservative Districts so as to offer the voters a REAL CONSERVATIVE choice, threatening to outflank the newly elected Republicans FROM THE RIGHT and Left. In this manner, going partisan-RINO/ Washington DC native will not be an option for freshmen Republican legislators in 2012. The ship of state will continue its' corrective rightward turn away from the reefs, shoals and sirens of socialism and effect the seemingly impossible goal of enacting entitlement reform, which can then be signed into law by a new and truly post-partisan Republican-Bluedog coalition in the years 2012-14.

It is only by taking VIGOROUS action starting THIS November to shift non-Progressive elements of the Democratic Party to the right that we will be able to re-center our nation and prevent it's ever "Leftward Drift". Progressives do NOT faithfully represent a significant majority in the DNC. They are, however, THE predominating elite minority. We must cease neglecting our civic duties and prevent them from ever again in the future taking hold of the reins of one of our major political parties.

Barack Obama wanted to both be America's first post-partisan President of the United States and to usher in a new post-partisan political era. He didn't accomplish that lofty goal, but WE CAN make sure he's America's LAST UNAMBIGUOUSLY PARTISAN President of the United States. Let his rhetoric become OUR reality.