Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Dreams Become Nightmares

From the office of Glen Glass
To the many, many Harford County citizens who responded to the MDPetition Dream Act drive —- THANK YOU! To those who worked so hard on the Petition drive THANK YOU and to those of you who signed it THANK YOU!!

There were over 110,000 certified signatures which pushed this to a referendum vote in the 2012 election. The people of Harford County spoke and they spoke loud and clear. The citizens of Maryland are NOT divided on this issue. More than 80% of the people are against the Dream Act, the numbers are higher in Harford and Cecil Counties.

Our children and legal citizens deserve the lower in-state tuition rates. Those that are undocumented or illegal do not deserve this. We need to be sure to keep these positions available for our own children and citizens. Casa de MD is suing MDPetitions to cancel out your voice against this unjust law (SB167) and pledge to spend $5 million to stop this going to referendum. The people of Harford County and all of Maryland have spoken and asserted their First Amendment right ….“Freedom of speech”!

That being said, I also respect others opinions that are in favor of the Dream Act , even though we disagree on this issue.

For continuing updates on the Dream Act go to:

Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your summer!
Delegate Glen Glass
Harford & Cecil Counties


JD Curtis said...

Only a rabidly blind, globalist elitist would support such legislation.

Let the pols who want such lower tuition pay for it themselves, voluntarily, if they want to.

Joe Conservative said...

Ah, you must be talking about our Democratic Legislature in Annapolis. They don't call our state, "The People's Republic of Maryland" for nothing.

Charity is no longer "voluntary". Against James Madison's deepest objections, our "secular" authorities have displaced our voluntary "religious" tithes and contributions with mandatory taxes. There is no "virtue" in helping the poor (and not so poor). It's now a prosecutable civic obligation.