Monday, August 1, 2011

Casa de Maryland says "No Democracy for Marylanders!"

...and so it begins from the Baltimore Sun
CASA de Maryland wants a court to overturn the petition drive that suspended the Maryland Dream Act, and plans to sue the Maryland State Board of Elections, a spokeswoman said. Their hope is to reinstate the controversial law and prevent it from going to referendum in 2012.

The group will hold a news conference this morning in front of the Anne Arundel County court in Annapolis this morning to describe their lawsuit, said CASA spokeswoman Kim Propeack.

More than 132,000 Marylanders signed a petition this summer to reject a state law allowing illegal immigrants tuition discounts at state colleges and universities -- nearly double the number needed to trigger a referendum. But CASA funded lawyers have spent the past few weeks poring over the petitions looking for flaws.

There's been no public polling on the issue, but my Sun colleague Julie Bykowicz wrote in Sunday's paper about Maryland's split personality on immigration issues. The state funds flow to CASA, a group that welcome immigrants regardless of status; but some counties have used their tax money to aggressively deport undocumented workers.
Why even have a democratic process when a much more efficient judicially tyrannical one works soooooo much better. One judge can now over-rule 132,000 citizens. And of course, the ACLU WILL be filing it's "friend of the court" brief which will set the stage for THEIR court challenge AFTER Maryland voter's overturn their state legislator's latest vote buying scam.

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