Saturday, February 13, 2016

Help End Taxation by Traffic Violation!

From the Harford Campaign for Liberty via The Dagger:
Dear Friend,

We are happy to announce that 32 Maryland Delegates took a strong stance against ‘taxation by citation’ and co-sponsored HB 436, the Bill to REPEAL the use of speed and red light cameras in all of Maryland.

But one of our very own Republican Delegates was missing from this important bill.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga, our representative for Harford’s District 7, did not sign on as a co-sponsor for this legislation.

No doubt she received calls and emails from constituents asking for her to support the bill. Was she just busy running for Barbara Mikulski’s Senate seat?

Or does she favor these camera programs, which are rife with errors, fraudulent activity and infringements on our liberty?

Folks, if we want HB 436 to get to the Annapolis Floor for debate this session, we need ALL hands on deck. And that includes those elected officials who campaigned on a platform of conservative, limited government values.

But it’s not too late for Del Szeliga to get involved in this important fight. In fact, although our District 7 Representative failed to co-sponsor the bill, she sits on the committee that will decide if this bill reaches the floor or gets quietly killed by the liberal agenda.

It is crucial that Del Szeliga be present when the committee holds their hearing on HB 436, and votes to move it forward to the floor. With a floor vote, you and I can see who’s holding up to their campaign promises.

If you’re tired of politicians using schemes like red light cameras to grab more money from you and your family’s pockets, I need you to do one simple thing.

Please take a moment from your busy day to call and email Kathy Szeliga and ask for her pledge to support HB 436 in committee.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga

After all, wasn’t this her promise to the District 7 voters – to lower taxes and fees, and cut red tape in our state government?

The Hearing on HB 436 is only a few short days away.

Please don’t wait – contact Kathy and tell her you won’t be satisfied with anything less than a full repeal of the use of speed and red light cameras.

For Liberty,

Greg Johnson
Harford County Steering Committee
Maryland Campaign for Liberty

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