Friday, March 6, 2015

O'Malley E-Mail Hidden from the Record Too

from the Dagger
A quick update on the Hillary Clinton vs Martin O’Malley presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton has suddenly become target number one because she used a private e-mail server set up in her home to do all her official business as Secretary of State. People are rightfully outraged because it circumvented record keeping laws along with security issues.

Martin O’Malley though, in his quixotic campaign, can’t claim any better. See, back in 2007 when I was blogging on my old site, I published Martin O’Malley’s e-mail address – which was a sprint Nextel blackberry address, not affiliated with the State of Maryland. He was using this to conduct official business with, that’s how I got a hold of it.

In addition, former-Governor O’Malley used something called Pin-to-Pin communication to send messages to his top aides and inner circle. Think of Pin-to-Pin as a precursor to the Apple iMessage; it was a data driven text message. There is a very simple way to record these on State servers, however, the Governor directed his IT department to turn them off so that nobody could monitor his communication and that no record would exist to be FOIA’d.

Too bad, Martin O’Malley might have been able to get a foothold in an area that is really causing some damage to Hillary Clinton, but the reality is that he is just as opaque.

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