Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's BACK, Maryland....

from the Baltimore Sun
More reactions trickle in to the House Environment and Transportation Committee voting against repealing the three-year-old storm-water fee law:

From the Maryland Republican Party:
Tonight, Maryland House of Delegate Democrats refused to listen to the voters of Maryland and voted down Governor Hogan's rain tax repeal. No piece of legislation this year symbolized the difference between hard working Marylanders and the tax and spend liberals in Annapolis.

"'Maryland House Democrats thumb their noses at Maryland voters tonight when they refused to let this bill out of committee,' commented MDGOP Chairman Diana Waterman. 'Maryland Voters spoke pretty clearly last November, but apparently House Democrats in Annapolis didn't get the message,' concluded Chairman Waterman."
And from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters:
“We applaud the House Environment and Transportation Committee for protecting Maryland’s waterways by voting down Governor Hogan’s proposed repeal of the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, which he continues to misleadingly label as a tax on rain. It is fitting that the Committee defeated his bill on the same day the Governor’s campaign put out false rhetoric trying to relate the snowfall rate to the tax rate.

"The Governor should spend more time on policy solutions and less time on tired campaign rhetoric. Dedicated local stormwater management programs work in more than 1,500 communities across the country, and they are working here and supporting Maryland jobs. Maryland families deserve safe drinking water, healthy seafood and clean rivers and streams and we will continue to support policies that effectively reduce pollution.”

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