Friday, April 12, 2013

Democrat on Right Track for Harford Comeback

From the Harford County Dagger
Former state Senator Art Helton’s campaign truck was parked at the site of the proposed Bel Air Wal-Mart Wednesday afternoon, sporting a “No Bel-Air Walmart” sign along with messages geared to winning him back a Senate seat in 2014.

The site along MD 924 near Plumtree Rd. is owned by Evergreen Business Trust, although it’s slated for sale if Wal-Mart can get their plan approved by Harford County government. Wal-Mart’s plan has also been a sore point with hundreds of nearby residents who say the mega-store doesn’t belong in the area.

Did Helton’s display mean that the familiar Democratic candidate and commercial re-developer had purchased the land to protect Bel Air from Wal-Mart? Or was the notable site chosen simply to launch Helton’s latest campaign for a far off election?

Responding to questions from The Dagger, Sen. Helton wrote:
“I have launched a campaign for Senate 2014.I’ve been actively campaigning since early Dec. I have a campaign committee since 2009. I was on the protest line with the volunteers Sat. at WALMART in Abingdon.I have pledged my support of their efforts to stop WALMART from impacting their communities. New legislative district as a result of census redistricting. FYI. The Harford part of the district left from 2010 election is an area in which I was the winner, Gone is all of Cecil that was in the district in 2010.Much friendlier district for me. Thank you for the inquiry. Art”

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