Friday, December 7, 2012

Maryland Progressives Once Again Seek to Punish Political Opponents

"Vengeance is mine," sayeth the political "progressive" at HRC. It would be one thing if the HRC made a stupid demand in the vacuum of their own ineptitude, but of course other "Progressives" at the Baltimore Sun newspaper feel the need to disseminate their vindictive charges to the largest audience possible... and for the record, what does "racism" have to do with "gay marriage"?

from the Baltimore Sun
The Human Rights Campaign, a group that backed the effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland, is requesting that a rival organization return a $10,000 check from a donor they describe an "active white supremacist and secessionist sympathizer."

In a news release, HRC requested that the National Organization for Marriage to return money from Michael Peroutka, an Anne Arundel County lawyer who ran for president in 2008 as a member of the Constitution Party and is active in a group called the League of South.

Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, espouses controversial views on race including recently writing: "The cold facts of history tell us that blacks have never created anything approximating a civilization in the Western sense of the term."

Peroutka said in an interview that he "continues to be a proud member of the League of the South." However, he said the white supremacist label is "absurd" and "not at all true."

"The League of the South has a belief that the central government is too large, too spend-thrift and too out-of-control," Peroutka said.

The $10,000 check from Peroutka was given to the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the local group that wanted to overturn Maryland's gay marriage law.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance raised only a fraction of the amount brought in by HRC and supporters of same-sex marriage. Derek McCoy, the executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance said he has "no intention" of giving the money back.
Hmmm, perhaps MMA should demand that HRC give back the $100,000 donated by Brad Pitt to supporting their referendum projects... after all, Pitt is a known serial adulterer who likely couldn't keep a marriage vow if his life depended upon it and who donates to "gay" causes because he likes to watch his former/current wife get it on with other women. Of course if they did demand a return of the money, not a single responsible newspaper on earth would likely print the fact that they had made such a nonsensical demand.

And yet they call themselves, "progressive"...

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