Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Politics of the People's Republic of Maryland Explained

from the Dagger
From Del. Pat McDonough:

Most people would characterize Maryland as a Democrat-controlled state. They would be wrong. There is much more to the real political complexion of Maryland politics. The Democrats who reside in Dundalk, Middle River, and many counties have no connection to the type of Democrats who reside in Montgomery County. The Montgomery Democrats are philosophically “radical liberals.” They support big government, big spending, increased taxes, benefits for illegal aliens, gay marriage, and every other agenda on the left wing shopping list. Unfortunately, they control the balance of power in Maryland.

Maryland is now the “bluest” state in the nation, along with California. The Montgomery and Prince Georges County delegations to the Maryland General Assembly are running the show in Annapolis. The rapidly growing voter registration numbers in those two Washington, D.C. suburban counties create a tsunami of radical Democrat votes on Election Day. That huge wave washes away votes from the rest of the state.

The tyranny of the “super majority” rules the Maryland General Assembly. Although the GOP minority punches way above their weight with aggressive floor strategies, intelligent speeches and common sense amendments, all of their efforts are in vain. The “super majority” never seriously considered compromise or cooperation. It is the “radical blue” way or the highway.

The dynamic of the voting power in Maryland probably ensures there may never be another statewide Democrat office holder from Baltimore after O’Malley, Cardin, and Mikulski have moved on. The Baltimore area voters have become captive step-children to the massive voting power of the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Baltimore’s “radical blue” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake presides over an urban landscape beset by murder, muggings, economic stagnation and a dim future. She suffers no real opposition, except possibly from another “radical blue” political challenger. The diversity of electoral politics or public policy is non-existent in Charm City.

All doubt about this growing power was removed when the 7 questions on the ballot achieved a solid victory created by a deluge of votes from the D.C. suburbs. The problem is compounded by the fact that the two major press organs dominating Maryland, the Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post, both reflect the “radical blue” philosophy in their editorial and reporting practices. They are enablers, not objective journalists.

The consequences of this “radical blue” monopoly ensures that the people of Maryland will continuously be subjected to government debt, increased regulations and taxes, assault against business, uncontrolled spending, and a march toward the cliff. Maryland’s Triple A bond rating is already on the “watch list” and our state is considered at the top of the most business unfriendly places in the nation.

How do we overcome this growing disaster? It will not be easy since many of our most productive citizens are voting with their feet.

Good-bye millionaires, hundred thousandaires, small business owners, retirees, and other productive citizens who are becoming reluctant refugees from their beloved state. They still love Maryland, but the “radical blue” politicians find them to be only useful as ATM machines. Unless Washington, D.C., Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties are thrown together to become the 51st state, there are few solutions available.

In the wonderful movie, “The Wind and the Lion,” the character, “Raisuli, the Magnificent,” played by Sean Connery, in despair uttered these words, “All is lost, things are spinning out of control, and nothing is as it should be.” Marylanders understand your pain, Mr. Raisuli.

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Always On Watch said...

the Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post, both reflect the “radical blue” philosophy in their editorial and reporting practices. They are enablers, not objective journalists.

Never mind that we are living in the Information Age. Most people just suck down whatever the mainstream media spew.