Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Raising Taxes in Maryland... Good Idea?

from The Dagger From District 7 state Delegate Kathy Szeliga:
(Perry Hall) In response to the recent notification about a Special Session in Annapolis, Delegate Kathy Szeliga said, “No one is surprised to hear that the botched legislative session needs a do-over. The leadership in Annapolis is discussing how much and which taxes to raise on Maryland families.” The Doomsday Budget that passed increased state spending by $700 million and only included half the budget related bills. The two budget bills that did not pass include another $500 million in tax increases. Governor O’Malley is expected to call legislators back the week of May 14.

“While I am opposed to the continued increases in taxes coming from Annapolis, I am extremely upset about the latest proposal to increase income taxes that includes a penalty on working women.” Szeliga pointed to the plan to increase taxes on singles making $100,000 and married couples making $150,000. “This is blatantly unfair and focuses extra taxes on working women,” Szeliga pointed out. “We should be rewarding marriage and not over-taxing families where both spouses work.” Szeliga urges lawmakers to correct this problem before they get to Annapolis. She plans to introduce an amendment to the budget to remove what she calls the “marriage penalty” if necessary. “It’s ironic that we just spent two months debating same sex marriage in Annapolis and now the leadership wants to put a new tax on marriage!” Delegate Szeliga commented.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga concluded, “I’ve heard from hundreds of residents from Baltimore and Harford Counties all urging lawmakers to stop raising taxes. I will be carrying their message to Annapolis and hope other legislators are listening to their constituents too and will join me in resisting any additional taxes.”

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