Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did the President Really Shift Maryland's Attitudes?

from the Christian Post
A new Washington Post/ABC News Poll survey finds that the percentage of African-Americans who support gay marriage jumped almost 20 points after President Obama's announcement that he now backs same-sex marriage. One pastor doesn't believe the poll is representative of the nation's black Christians.

The Rev. Bill Owens, who leads the Coalition of African American Pastors, argues that opposition to same-sex marriage is steadfast and growing. "I know the poll is wrong," Owens told CP. "Very few black Christians I encounter support President's Obama's position on same-sex marriage. In fact, in a small poll conducted by our organization, 12 percent said they would not vote for President Obama again."

The new poll of 1,004 adults was released Wednesday and reveals that 59 percent of African-Americans say they back same-sex marriage, up from 41 percent in combined ABC/Post polls this spring and last summer. Also, 65 percent of African-Americans support Obama's new position.

Following Obama's announcement earlier this month that he believes same-sex couples should be able to get married, black pastors across the nation have expressed opposing views, with the more liberal and progressive Christian leaders embracing the president's new stance.

Dr. Brad Braxton, an academic African-American Baptist pastor who leads a church in Maryland, feels all Christians – especially black Christians – should fully embrace same-sex marriage.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Braxton made the case that when it comes to same-sex marriage and related sexual issues, the Scriptures are "a reliable place for us to have an encounter with God, but we should not substitute Scripture for God."


Always On Watch said...

The upcoming referendum in Maryland will tell the tale as to whether the black community as a whole heeds those words of Obama's.

Joe Conservative said...

Indeed it will. The Democrats take the Afro- American community here for granted. W/O Obama's support, the Gay marriage issue would have surely lost. Even with it,I'm not sure I believe media polling here on the subject. The Democrats OWN most local media.