Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When the Dream Threatens to Become a Nightmare

from the Harford County Dagger
From the office of Del. Pat McDonough:

Delegate Pat McDonough has officially formed a campaign committee that will lead the effort to defeat Senate Bill 167, known as the “Dream Act.” The referendum issue was placed on the ballot based on a successful petition drive that collected more than 130,000 signatures in a few months.

Although the petition is currently being challenged in the courts, Delegate McDonough maintains that the litigation is frivolous and will be defeated.

The campaign will be a non-partisan state-wide effort. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents will be asked to participate. A fund-raising program is already under way.

Supporters of the “Dream Act,” such as Casa de Maryland, the SEIU union, and other advocates for illegal aliens have already begun organizing and raising funds. Delegate McDonough stated, “The citizens of Maryland, in a bi-partisan fashion, have already indicated their strong opposition to the idea that taxpayers should provide benefits to fund college tuition discounts for illegal aliens. The historic success of the petition drive demonstrated the passion and outrage by the citizens of Maryland regarding their hard-earned money being used to underwrite breaking the law. They also are angry about the unfairness of their young people losing access to a college education by being displaced by illegal aliens. There will be large amounts of money poured into Maryland from out-of-state sources attempting to mislead the people and promote the ‘Dream Act.’ The people’s petition defeated the politicians in Annapolis and now the people must rise again and defeat the lies,” concluded Delegate McDonough.


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Popularity in the future isn't going to be the same as popularity in the present. Government "freebies" aren't ever really "free".

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hmm, very interesting.