Thursday, January 12, 2012

Glass to Challenge Impallaria

From the Harford County Dagger and office of Del. Glen Glass:
Thank you for giving me the honor and priviledge of being your State Delegate.

It is my duty to fight for you and I will continue to do so. As a new Delegate, I have made many difficult decisions thus far and this next one was not easy for me. I believe that the Harford County Delegation Leader should have most of their District in that County which allows them to be in touch with those citizens. For that reason, I have decided to challenge Del. Rick Impallaria for Chairman of the Harford County Delegation.

I respect Rick for his hard work in Annapolis and for his fight for second amendment freedom and for lower taxes. But as you know, he mostly represents Baltimore County and could best serve the majority of his constituents by running for Baltimore County Delegation Leader.

Maryland is a great state and Harford County is a beautiful place to live with hard-working, responsible and very involved citizens. I would be proud to represent you as the Harford County Delegation Leader.

Happy New Year and best wishes to you all. I’m looking forward to this upcoming General Assembly and welcome you to come and visit me anytime in Annapolis, my door is always open!
Your Delegate and servant,
Glen Glass

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