Friday, September 9, 2011

President Obama’s Jobs Plan: Stimulus II

from a Congressman Andy Harris (MD-1) Press Release dated September 8, 2011
“Over Labor Day weekend I met with many small business owners on the Ocean City Boardwalk – a common theme I heard from those potential job creators was their desire to get government out of the way so that they could do what they do best: grow their businesses and create American jobs. President Obama’s newest spending plan is nothing more than a second Stimulus bill. Just like the first Stimulus passed by the previous Congress, it will not create jobs, but instead delay recovery, increase the debt and grow the size of government. I believe that common sense ideas like a balanced budget amendment, elimination of job-destroying regulations and making America energy independent will create American jobs and get us out of this recession.”

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Always On Watch said...

As if the first stimulus bill worked! Pfffft.