Monday, September 19, 2011

O'Malley Plays the Race Card... Again. Yawn!

from the Harford County Dagger
Governor O’Malley, the first governor since Spiro Agnew to have the opportunity to speak at a breakfast sponsored by Christian Science Monitor, used the forum to refer to people who opposed the Dream Act as engaging in “thinly veiled racism.” Mr. O‘Malley, Chairman of the Democrat Governors’ Association, praised Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry for his support of a Texas law that allows illegal immigrants to receive a taxpayer-financed benefit for college tuition. O’Malley said, “I do admire his willingness to stand up to the immigration bashers and thinly veiled racism and scapegoating that is so rampant in their party.”

Delegate Pat McDonough who is the honorary Chairman of the successful petition drive to place the Maryland Dream Act on the 2012 ballot, called O’Malley’s remarks, “Divisive, unfair, and inaccurate hate speech. To brand an entire national party as racist is inflammatory and below the dignity of a sitting governor, especially one who has a national platform as Chairman of the Democrat Governors’ Association. It is blatantly inaccurate since many Democrat legislators in the Maryland General Assembly voted against the Dream Act, including African-American lawmakers. One hundred thirty thousand Maryland voters signed the petition, almost half of them were non-Republicans, and many were from the African-American community. Governor O’Malley resorted to name-calling like other proponents of illegal aliens instead of engaging in intelligent debate. Recently, Vice President Biden referred to Tea Party activists as ‘terrorists.’ Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa used violent language to stir up the crowd against the Tea Party movement while introducing President Obama. And Nancy Pelosi referred to them as racists. Governor O’Malley’s insulting remarks fall into the same category of uncivil personal attacks.”

O’Malley’s use of the term “immigrant bashing” is dishonest and a cheap political tactic. The Dream Act and other legislation the Governor promotes has nothing to do with “immigrants” but is totally related to “illegal aliens” as defined by federal law. The tone of

Maryland’s highest state elected official reflects the same misleading divisive campaign rhetoric used by the supporters of his “sanctuary” policies.

After the shooting of Arizona Representative Giffords, President Obama, in an eloquent speech to the nation, called for more civility in our national political discourse. Apparently, Governor O’Malley, Obama’s close political ally, failed to get the message.

The Democrat Governors’ Association should reprimand Governor O’Malley and deny any association with his overkill comments. Hopefully, the other Democrat governors do not support O’Malley’s language.

Governor O’Malley owes a public apology to not only the Republican Party, but to the large number of Maryland citizens who support the rule of law and respect American citizenship. Governor O’Malley has not only turned Maryland into a Disneyland for illegal aliens with his sanctuary policies costing taxpayers billions of dollars, but now has insulted them on a personal basis.

“I think we can do better. To begin that process, the Governor should offer a public apology and demand that his allies in the illegal alien movement use more civil commentary when attacking their opponents. Demonizing decent people for political gain is shameful,” concluded Delegate McDonough.

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