Saturday, January 28, 2017

Kronyism's Cloak of Gyges - The MSM

from Pat Caddell in 2012

...and who was Gyges?

According to a 1987 profile of Pat Caddell in the Washington Monthly:
"Caddell believes the key to winning contemporary elections is appealing to 'alienated' voters—that ever-growing group of mostly younger voters who are not easily identified as liberal or conservative and don't trust government, politicians, or the parties. You can't lure these voters with programs and stands on specific issues, so the theory goes. Rather, you must remain as uncommitted as they are. You lure them by attacking that which caused their alienation: the Establishment. Even if he were inclined to help his candidate address the nation's substantive problems and articulate a coherent package of solutions, he'd have trouble."
The Vrag Naroda of the American People: Corporate Journalism. Why is this? The inherent biases extant in Neoliberal (aka-Cultural) Capitalism has begun to serve as a corrupting influence upon the political process.