Saturday, July 16, 2016

Harford Real Estate Interests Version of Pokemon Go...

From the Dagger and Harford County Association of REALTORS:
Harford County REALTORS along with the Havre de Grace historical Society and Department of Public Works, Harford County Councilman Curtis Beulah and Havre de Grace Councilwoman Monica Worrell, painted markers throughout the city to note the Lafayette Trail for tourist. The needed project has been on hold for several years. It took two days to get most of it completed and the finishing touches will be completed in July.

Harford County REALTORS with Keller Williams American Premier hosted their “RED DAY” charity fundraiser with over 60 agents participating. They helped rehab many of the Harford Family House’s properties in the Aberdeen Area.

Harford County REALTORS with Advance Realty collected food and raised over $300 that was donated to the Maryland Food Bank. They also raised over $3,000.00 that was donated to renovate a church in Havre de Grace.

Harford County REALTORS with Street Hopkins Real Estate raised funds and paraded through Bel Air with their Red Noses on “Red Nose Day’ to benefit children throughout the world.
Shouldn't they have simply bought a Pokemon Gym location?

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