Sunday, April 17, 2016

Left v. Right Oblivion

Many on the Left pretend to believe that the Right doesn't see America's problems or that they should be allowed to perceive and formulate their own preferred solutions differently. Instead, they pretend that they are privy to some "superior wisdom" that escapes the Right. Video's like this, portraying the Right as either "oblivious" or with attibution of "straw motives" are about as "oblivious" as the Left can be, in that they don't acknowledge their own (the Left's) FULL participation in the Nation and World's general economic failure. This is why the "Main(Left)stream" media has failed the Nation. And this is why the Nation is coming apart. "Me smart - You stupid" insults EVERYONE's intelligence... but reflect most poorly upon the speakers of said "wisdoms". To pretend that we on the Right don't see corporate corruption as a MAJOR problem, is not even an honest mistake. But then, neither is the prevailing view on the Left that electing a Socialist and substituting a single corrupt federal government to pick economic winnes and losers over the oblivious Right's allowance of multiple corrupt corporations to compete for a divided government's favours as the best answer. The problem of today's Progressives and Conservatives are that they aren't radically Progressive enough!

IMO, at least a Trump presidency can do little harm to worsen an already bad economic situation. But to abandon capitalism altogether for socialism practically guarantee's a complete global economic meltdown. Because lets face the truth, eventually, you run out of other people's money with which to do all your real and imagined "social goods". Primum non nocere.

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