Sunday, July 19, 2015

O'Malley Backtracks and Patronizes - "ONLY Black Lives REALLY Matter"

The original "Nutroots" incident
O'Malley Walks back his humanitarian "All lives matter" insensitivity...

... and now admits to having patronized the African-American community while he was mayor of Baltimore, because, paraphrasing what he said, "had 300 White males been dying violently in the city every year, the Dermocrats in charge of the city and State would have reacted differently" instead of "affirmatively" ignoring the problem as Democrats are REQUIRED to do by the unwritten (and especially "unspoken") Democratic Party Law of patronizingly ignoring all negative statistics that inordinately impact the African-American community and might cast a shadow of negativity upon African-American self-esteem and in some manner "diminish" it (Yay Democrats!).