Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fasten Your Seatbelts, America...

...the Lesson of Baltimore, "Violence WORKS!"

But the "product" the Black Lives Matter 'hacktivists" are selling - DOJ Commissars to monitor and control local PD body camera footage is a sham. It's ALL about maintaining CONTROL now. It all about shifting BLAME now. SOMEONE has to pay for the violence and the "crimes" that were committed by the "police". But who will pay for the lack of job opportunities in Baltimore? Who will challenge a system built on selling cheap imported products to unemployed food stamp recipients.

They say that a dog will never bite the hand that feeds it, and politicians are the hand that feeds Sandtown. So if you are looking for a political solution, expect a SHAM solution like "body cameras" and "Department of Justice, Office of Civil Rights" Political Commissars. JOBS for politicians or jobs for people CONTROLLED by politicians. Not jobs for the perpetually unemployed/ under-employed people of Baltimore.

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