Monday, January 28, 2013

Help Stop the Erosion of Our Liberty!

From the Harford County Dagger and the Maryland Liberty Public Action Committee:
[Last week], a full speed camera repeal bill was introduced in the Maryland House of Delegates. House Bill 251, our speed camera repeal bill sponsored by Delegate Michael Smigiel (R – District 36), was introduced and assigned to the House Environmental Matters Committee. This is a tremendous first step for us, but this only begins our work.

Back in early January, we asked you to call Delegate Maggie McIntosh who serves as the Chair for the House Environmental Matters Committee to tell her to repeal speed cameras. You came through in a big way flooding her office with phone calls and e-mails. The receptionist on the other side of the phone was very surprised at the large volume of calls– now we have to double down. We need to dial up pressure on Maggie McIntosh again today.

First, we have to make a phone call to Delegate McIntosh and ask her to:

* Hold a public hearing on House Bill 251

* Hold a roll call vote in Committee on House Bill 251

* Vote FOR House Bill 251

After you make the call, follow up with an email to her at

You can click on any of the banners in the linked Dagger email and it will automatically open up a pre-drafted email for you to send to Delegate McIntosh. All you have to do is sign and send. If we don’t pressure Deleagate McIntosh, she is going to take our bill, throw it in the drawer, and never look at it again.

Speed cameras are nothing more than the privatization of our due process rights and the contracting-out of law enforcement duties. Our families deserve better. Our rights don’t come from government, and we must send a message that we will not sit by for these violations. We have the right to properly challenge and appeal tickets. We have the right not to be monitored 24-7 by our government. We have the right to question a malfunctioning speed camera system. The short-term lust for money should never trump the long-term preservation of our God-given rights and Constitutional protections.

Politicians should never view us as moving ATM machines to be poached from as we drive down the highway.

Our message to Maggie McIntosh and the House Environmental Matters Committee must be clear: we want full repeal of speed cameras and House Bill 251 is the way to do it.

This speed camera repeal battle is Maryland Liberty PAC’s first major legislative initiative. It won’t be easy, but we are committed to our plan for repeal, even if it takes years to accomplish. With the well-established cronyism existing in Annapolis it may take us several legislative sessions to ulimately be successful. What we do know is that we share company with some of the best Patriots in Maryland. You are the passionate resistance that fuels this movement. We are working as hard as we can to activate and we hope that you will join us in this initial squirmish in a long-term campaign against socialism and tyranny in Maryland. We believe in our true and time-tested principles. We can defeat speed cameras in Maryland and send a shockwave through the Maryland Government.

Jump in with us and let’s give the Establishment in Annapolis the most shocking and extensive fight yet as we tirelessly support full speed camera repeal in Maryland.

For Liberty,

Patrick L. McGrady


Maryland Liberty PAC


Always On Watch said...

Are these surveillance cameras that record speed or metered speed cameras?

Always On Watch said...

Once, on my way to a concert at the Basilica in D.C., I got a ticket because of metered speed cameras.

Joe Conservative said...

Apparently, there are many different kinds, depending upon jurisdiction.

Always On Watch said...


Rockville sees massive jump in red-light camera tickets

Be careful out there!