Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cecil Countians Sold Down Susquehana

from the Maryland Liberty PAC and the Harford County Dagger

Last night Cecil County Commissioners Michael Dunn, Diana Broomell, and Jim Mullin sold you out! Last night at the Cecil County Commissioners meeting a vote was taken regarding a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) ordinance. This ordinance creates a new government program designed to use public tax dollars to buy private property rights all in the name of “smart growth.”

This TDR ordinance is a bad move for Cecil County and a huge step backward in protecting your property rights. County Commissioners Michael Dunn, Diana Broomell, and Jim Mullin need to hear from you about their foolish vote in support of more government bureaucracy and more spending.

What they don’t understand is that the government shouldn’t control your property – - you should! The government should not be purchasing development rights with public money. Dunn, Broomell, and Mullin might try to tell you that this ordinance is somehow a free market solution to managing growth, but it’s not.

This ordinance puts government squarely in the way of rural property owners and their right to develop their land. This ordinance will likely decrease property values for many rural residents in the long run. This ordinance creates a government operated “bank” that purchased development rights will be bought and sold from using your tax dollars. Does that sound free market to you?

Your help is needed urgently in Cecil County. Right now we are working on plans to make sure that voters in Cecil County understand and are aware about this foolish vote and who voted for it, but we need your help. Beating Establishment politicians is not easy and it’s not cheap. Will you commit to donating to Maryland Liberty PAC today?

We need elected officials who honor the Constitution and who take private property rights seriously. It is no coincidence that Karl Marx identified the taking of private property rights as one of the most important planks in his Communist Manifesto. Send these counterfeit conservatives a message right now online by donating today to Maryland
Liberty PAC!

Maryland Liberty PAC is leading the fight to make sure voters never forget this terrible vote. If you would like to volunteer to help spread the word in Cecil County click here.

Winning for liberty in Maryland won’t be easy and it won’t always be fun – - but I know that if you and I join together for this cause they can’t stop us! Are you willing to put your precious time, talent, and treasure on the line to safeguard our freedoms from out-of-control government intervention?

Stand up now as generations of Americans before you have for our country and donate to Maryland Liberty PAC today to help us continue the fight in Cecil and expand operations around our state.

By building this movement locally in each state in the country we can establish a grassroots liberty network second to none.

For Liberty,

Patrick L. McGrady /Chairman/Maryland Liberty PAC

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