Thursday, July 12, 2012

With Three Voter Initiatives on the State Ballot, What do we Need a State Legislature for?

from the Baltimore Sun
A group trying to overturn the state's new Congressional map received good news from the Board of Elections today: They've hit their mark.

As of this afternoon, the board had certified 56,325 signatures on a petition to challenge the new Congressional map. That is 589 more than the bare minimum needed to trigger a referendum, and the board still has another 2,900 signatures to go this afternoon.

The state Board of Elections plan to continue counting signatures, and expects to be finished by the end of the week.

The Congressional map would be the third Maryland law to be put on the November ballot. The last law to go to the voters was two decades ago.
...or maybe the State Legislature is simply completely out of touch with the sentiments of their constituents??? NAAAAHHHHH, couldn't be. ;)


Always On Watch said...

Way back when, my high school government teacher warned us that referenda and initiatives were too much in line with pure democracy to be part of the republican form of government. Just sayin'.

Thersites said...

The State Legislature has already passed, and Governor signed, all the laws being placed on Referendum in Maryland. Let us test just how "representative" our government has been. If the laws are affirmed, we can have confidence in our representatives. But if not....

Thersites said...

The citizens are asking, "Cui bobo?" in passing these new laws. Many citizens are beginning to believe that the answer isn't, "the citizens of the State of Maryland'", but rather, "the legislaors themselves."

Thersites said...

ettatum - Qui bono?