Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Establishing the Threshold for a Judicial Challenge?

The signature count for repeal of the Dream Act for in-state tuition for Maryland's illegal immigrants continues. One wonders if the only reason they continue to count is to know the number of valid signatures that the ACLU needs to challenge...

from the Baltimore Sun
State officials sifting through thousands of pages of petitions reported that a group trying to repeal the in-state tuition law have 96,441 valid signatures, nearly twice the number needed to trigger a referendum.

The group surpassed the needed 55,736 signatures last week, but the surplus gives them a healthy cushion in case a court throws out some of the signatures. Casa de Maryland and the ACLU have both raised legal questions about methods used to gather signatures.

The controversial law allows illegal immigrants to pay the same discounted in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities available to legal residents. To qualify, the undocumented students must show that their families filed tax returns and attended three years of high school in Maryland.


Always On Watch said...

Seats in college classrooms are limited.

And we can expect to see affirmative action operating in favor of these "downtrodden" children of illegal immigrants.

I am particularly incensed by the presence of illegal immigrants because an illegal immigrant rear-ended me in a car accident. The court point blank told me that the illegal immigrant had the court's sympathy, so I didn't even garner enough to pay my medical bills -- not to mention that the injury to my back is permanent.

Thersites said...

Just another example of the "foolish consistency" where "metics" are treated as if they were citizens, and foreign jihadi's are granted "Constitutional Rights" to defend themselves with.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of a small mind." - Emerson.